This is a stupid cunt, not a tweet

Really now, what else do you expect from some twot with “#rejoinEU” in their USERname.. You know someone that arrogant is basically saying “I don’t CARE what the majority of people voted for, I say we just ignore it!” I’m glad you’re still crying over it you sad cunt. Also, what the FUCK is heContinue reading “This is a stupid cunt, not a tweet”

Purposes Twitter Serves #1

One purpose Twitter does serve is as a useful resource for single men to see which women are constantly banging on and on and on about “consent”, how it’s sooo terrible this character in that film just kissed some woman without consent. How this poor woman she’s retweeting a whinging video about never gave consentContinue reading “Purposes Twitter Serves #1”

On the Hotness of Not Getting Any — Longreads

Edging, or extending the time leading up to an orgasm, is almost a character of its own in Normal People, Run, and Portrait of a Lady on Fire. It also has a lot to teach us about sexuality and consent. On the Hotness of Not Getting Any — Longreads I’ll spare your weariness: basically this personContinue reading “On the Hotness of Not Getting Any — Longreads”