Sky News: Strictly’s Nicola Adams out of competition after partner Katya Jones tests positive for COVID-19 Well, first Covid is racist, now it’s a bigot. Next phase: Covid is “AN ACTUAL FUCKING NAZI”. Are we sure it’s called Covid-19? I feel it should be Covid-18!!

Dozen or so pot smoking college grads (“The Windows Team”) strike again…

Got home this morning from work and found my PC had restarted due to the new Windows 10 update forcing a restart……even though I had clearly scheduled it to install that update this weekend. Thanks yet again, you useless fucking trainwreck. Planning on making Windows again any time soon….? Or are we stuck with thisContinue reading “Dozen or so pot smoking college grads (“The Windows Team”) strike again…”

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are breeding a new wave of affordable 32-inch 4K 144Hz gaming monitors | PC Gamer Er, how the fuck do you work out that PS5 and the next XBox (XBox Fridge..?) are in any way responsible for this, you clown? Does the notion of reduced manufacturing costs and better efficiency ever enter your mindset? 🤡

It’s never long since, I’ve been made to wince

Poetry is infesting advertising over the past year or so, as if everyone in the entire fucking country “is just gonna looooove the fact our ad has poetry in it!”. If I wanted to read a poem, I’d buy a fucking poetry book. I don’t give a fuck if you think I’m uncultured I findContinue reading “It’s never long since, I’ve been made to wince”