Deadline: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Ncuti Gatwa Hails The Show’s Meaning “For Marginalised People” Who Need To Hear “The Possibilities Are Endless” It’s about “union and unity”…..? No, Ncuti, it’s about a time travelling man who fights space monsters and gets into all sorts of pickles. Well at least that used to be the synopsis, when it was still fun.

The Guardian US: Rishi Sunak to become UK’s PM after meeting the king | First Thing He looks so camp. And sounds it too. You know he’s just having to keep it together until his Priministerial pension kicks in, before announcing “oh by the way everyone, I’m gay”. After all, when your wife is a billionaire, you really don’t want to rock the boat there just yet until you canContinue reading “The Guardian US: Rishi Sunak to become UK’s PM after meeting the king | First Thing”

‘I pitted McDonald’s new chicken burger against Burger King’s new one and the winner was dreamy’ – Bethan Shufflebotham – Manchester Evening News I really hope McDonald’s didn’t drop their new burger – cos people have been walking on that floor all the time. If they drop it I’d ask them to make you a new one, deary.

Drain and no gain

Fucking hell I’m staying off Twitter for today. Twitter Toddler spats are draining without any actual benefit. They’re so fucking entrenched in their scripted, pre-programmed ‘views’ it’s pointless trying to get anything through to them about what you’re actually saying – as opposed to, you know, the point you are actually making (that thing theyContinue reading “Drain and no gain”

Red Dead Redemption 2 fan with nearly 6,000 hours on Stadia gets thrown a lifeline by Rockstar | GamesRadar+ If you were stupid enough to ever have faith in Stadia: tough shit. You certainly don’t deserve any special treatment.

E.T. – The 4 Hours of Extra-Terrestrial

I had not planned on buying any more 4K films this year – not least 4K sets. That was until I saw this lovely set: All that for £39.99!! I just could not say no – not least as it’s limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Zavvi also offer this version which has a Thermos flaskContinue reading “E.T. – The 4 Hours of Extra-Terrestrial”

New Samsung Galaxy phone suddenly sounds like the smart Android buy | T3 Robert Jones here is all excited for a very average phone, from a very mediocre company. And with speculated specs like that, looks like Samsung don’t even need to TRY and make any effort to get him all aroused.