ASUS accidentally leak Zenfone 10 design

An image appeared today on an official ASUS site purportedly showing the upcoming Zenfone 10: The design appears to show a front camera notch in the middle of the screen, which may disappoint some ASUS fans, who were used to having it discretely tucked away in the top left corner…. I’m JOKING of course. DoContinue reading “ASUS accidentally leak Zenfone 10 design”

Just Stop Oil Protestors throw paint over Chelsea Flower Show garden So, lemme get this straight : eco-warriors and defenders of nature kill plants. Can’t think why Just Stop Oil are regarded as such a fucking joke.

Ohh CNET…I knew that line was coming, but it still made me chuckle

Sony have bested Samsung and Apple for…years now. Claiming that Sony cameras are almost as good as an Apple phone camera, when Sony makes the sensors for Apple (because they’re merely a software company) is stupidity personified. To call Sony’s phone design “mundane” only goes to further give away how easily fooled you are byContinue reading “Ohh CNET…I knew that line was coming, but it still made me chuckle”

Sadness at MCM. Again. Well there’s Julian Glover……..and a long and depressing list of nobodies. I remember the MCM I went to when fucking Anthony Daniels was signing, along with Peter Mayhew, and a handful of other big names too. All I’m doing looking through that list is frowning and saying “who?????”. Fucking up your game, MCM!!

Are you good with numbers, WordPress?

This is the ‘result’ of my 3 day ad campaign. 9,246 impressions…….. This is day 1 of the 3 days, and the actual stats. Which don’t entirely back up what the ad campaign ‘report’ was claiming. Day 2 is even worse. Day 3 I psychologically hanged myself. All this makes me wonder about the competenceContinue reading “Are you good with numbers, WordPress?”