The Rise of Skywalker logic

There was no one person, or group, or account, anywhere on the internet or offline, that brain-rinsed me, discouraged me, or influenced me in any way whatsoever from not bothering to go to the cinema and waste my time and money watching The Rise of Skywalker on the big screen. The reason I didn’t botherContinue reading “The Rise of Skywalker logic”

SJW’s eat themselves….AGAIN

Here we go. The Brit Awards are upon us and Sky News ran a piece about “lack of diversity in the Brits nominees“. No that might not be the headline on their site but it was the clear narrative they were running on their TV news – mentioning the D word. Let’s look at theContinue reading “SJW’s eat themselves….AGAIN”

Ohh looky here Amazon are being full of shit….AGAIN

The story is the same as ever from Sky News – loads of people hurt at Amazon’s UK fulfilment centres. They’re not yet killing their staff and covering it up like they are in America, but trust me it’s only a matter of time before they do. But heeeyyyy, you want your free (it isn’tContinue reading “Ohh looky here Amazon are being full of shit….AGAIN”

Windows 10’s latest update fail could be its most serious yet | TechRadar I’ve said it dozens of times and I’ll say it again : Windows 10 IS a fucking train wreck. Pull your “lalala not listening” fingers out of that sticky ‘*shrugs* – cloud service is where all the profit is now anyway’ pie and fucking fix it, Microsoft. You look about as competent at OSContinue reading “Windows 10’s latest update fail could be its most serious yet | TechRadar”

EE and Carphone Warehouse – have a chat with eachother.

Signed up on the 10th of February to a 50gb plan at £24. Got the .pdf file confirming this a day or so later. (Incidentally, don’t say “pdf file” too quickly over the phone to complete strangers)… Come the end of last week I then had a further billing letter from EE….for £20 for 30gbContinue reading “EE and Carphone Warehouse – have a chat with eachother.”

Still waiting…..

Well I’ve been on, mooted as one of the biggest alternatives to Twitter, though also a “haven for extremist views“. No this site isn’t full of “extremists” it’s full of the Cult of Donald. Fairly harmless bunch in general, except they’re brain rinsed by the very person who’s constantly banging on that the “fakeContinue reading “Still waiting…..”