Twitter Memories #4

One thing that routinely popped up on CNN’s Twitter were stories about historical artwork, statues and even buildings that were defaced by clueless, virtue signalling fuckwads because “they were built by slaves”. And oh of course, the comments when I pointed out how thick it was to spray paint over historical artwork invariably got retortsContinue reading “Twitter Memories #4”

Another lucky escape for Stephen…

This young woman viewed my profile on Interpals….. Thank FUCK she didn’t send me a message after…!!! Asexual is the current fad. It basically means “no one wants to fuck me” or “I can’t be arsed to find anyone to fuck right now”. BUT YOU JUST KNOW GIVE OR TAKE A FEW MONTHS THEY’LL BEContinue reading “Another lucky escape for Stephen…”

Are Tesco about to sell their banking customers down the river?

This random site speculates so. I really hope they’re mistaken. Although, Tesco have form. I used to have Tesco Broadband and Homephone. I would still have that to this day – if Tesco hadn’t sold all of its customers down the river to TalkTalk (I hadn’t realised this was a mere 5 years ago –Continue reading “Are Tesco about to sell their banking customers down the river?”

Cold off the press! Drop the front page!!

Dear T3, no one gives a shit about Stadia. Oh except shills, #Stadia #GiveMeFreeThings on Twitter, and “tech journalists”, of course. But as we all know, none of those are actual tech users. Despite this obviously uninteresting tie-in, I’m really looking forward to the insanity that will be the ROG Phone 3. One good thingContinue reading “Cold off the press! Drop the front page!!”

Ohhh Bernie. Even when doing the right thing you still manage to do it wrong…

Finally…FINALLYYYY Bernie gives the FUCK up. But just listen to that speech!! He’s doing it; not because he knows he’s going to lose roundly and end up looking as embarrassing as he did in 2016. NO. Benevolent Bernie is doing it because of the virus and because Donald is a bad man. REALLY???!! Do youContinue reading “Ohhh Bernie. Even when doing the right thing you still manage to do it wrong…”

I think this is what you call “pwned”..

I’m not a royalist, but fucking sue me I like the royal family. But no, I’m a “fucking pathetic servile cuck”. Ironic badge I’ve to wear, considering he posted this earlier the very same day: Are you making Twitter a kinder place? Calling any one who might actually LIKE The Queen a “fucking pathetic servileContinue reading “I think this is what you call “pwned”..”

Stuff we’ve learned after Lockdown week 2…

That sanctimonious pricks on Twitter don’t have a fucking clue how life actually works: Yeeeaaass I can really see that happening, Phil. Call me Psychic Stephen here but I’m going to predict no manslaughter charges are going to happen, regardless of your self-important “must”. Jesus these idiots have a fairly extensive sense of self worth,Continue reading “Stuff we’ve learned after Lockdown week 2…”