Holy fuck..is there nothing that GOG.com can’t do

I just got Shadow Man working on Windows 10!! Annoyingly the solution turned out to be not setting the resolution anything about 1024×720* (I think on the 720). BUT as it turns out there’s a stonking great texture resolution pack that not only enhances all the textures but also restores previously unused dialogue and removesContinue reading “Holy fuck..is there nothing that GOG.com can’t do”

A different kind of checklist

I’m not saying I don’t think there’s paranormal stuff in the world/other world, but I am saying I don’t buy videos like these – particularly American ones with groups of friends. You know that all it takes is for them to tell you “there were only 3 of us in the house”, and just arrangeContinue reading “A different kind of checklist”

“I was only being sarcastic – I’m a VICTIM here!! #FakeNewsMedia!!!”

We all saw how serious he clearly was but wait, nooooo oh no. Donald was just being “sarcastic” as he was “in a room full of very hostile people, the fake news media”. Aaaaww, you weren’t in a room filled with people cheering for you? Were they all mean to you?? DA BAD PWEAPOL MEANContinue reading ““I was only being sarcastic – I’m a VICTIM here!! #FakeNewsMedia!!!””

Holy SHIT, Jerry has it all worked out!! Fuuuuck!! Where are they?!!!

This Twitter has high comedy value and if you’re ever stuck for the ultimate fool and cult victim here is one of your go to examples. This is someone who regularly inserts the word “sheeple” to make himself feel above ‘those brainwashed masses’ and yet only retweets from a very narrow selection of sources allContinue reading “Holy SHIT, Jerry has it all worked out!! Fuuuuck!! Where are they?!!!”

Thought you’d seen all the stupidity on Twitter for today…?

THINK AGAIN. And this leads nicely to what I can already see coming down the tracks. All those simple, semi-literate anti-vax fucktards when there IS a vaccine, they won’t trust it. Hopefully they won’t take it either (let’s face it we wouldn’t lose a cancer cure here). They’re probably very busy on Twitter right nowContinue reading “Thought you’d seen all the stupidity on Twitter for today…?”

Tonight is the night..

Finally The Rise of Palpatine..er Skywalker has come up for rent on Google (and of course, all your usual sources as well). Tonight I’m finally going to see what all the fuss was about. And by “fuss” I do of course mean “disinterest”. It’s been said by some source out there or other, about whenContinue reading “Tonight is the night..”