#BeKind (throws up on your shoes)

What the living fuck….. Could this horseshit actually be any more vague…? Not to mention patronising and condescending. Google have me over a barrel as my phone is Android, and I can’t be fucking arsed faffing around with the likes of Tizen and the others. Besides, I do actually like the Google eco-system and findContinue reading “#BeKind (throws up on your shoes)”

Channel $ News (did you see what I did there)

Oh my fucking god – I just saw Channel 4 News issue “a correction to our earlier story about the Harvey Weinstein verdict – we reported that he’d been found guilty on 3 counts – in fact the jury is still deliberating and he’s not been found guilty”. FUCK ME, so desperate are Channel 4Continue reading “Channel $ News (did you see what I did there)”

The Rise of Skywalker logic

There was no one person, or group, or account, anywhere on the internet or offline, that brain-rinsed me, discouraged me, or influenced me in any way whatsoever from not bothering to go to the cinema and waste my time and money watching The Rise of Skywalker on the big screen. The reason I didn’t botherContinue reading “The Rise of Skywalker logic”