WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! (maybe)

I’m still failing to be overly bothered about the Corona virus. Maybe it’s because of my job – where as a matter of routine I’m washing my hands (properly) throughout the shift anyway. The one thing I do hope comes from all the hysterics is that maybe….MAYBE, more men will finally realise that after pissing,Continue reading “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! (maybe)”

No aXdment for you idiots

Didn’t want to offend any of you X-People out there. Sorry are you offended by being called “people” as well…? Christie Elan-Cane lost its appeal to get the option of “X” put on passports, due largely to the fact that there are only 2 genders. Interesting how it identifies as “Christie” though. Isn’t that a….well…..woman’sContinue reading “No aXdment for you idiots”

Is Pushsquare new to the world of technology…?

There’s only one thing equal to the fucking stupidity of this article, and that’s an alarming number of the comments after it. Why…no, even HOW, would Sony “abandon its own systems”??? The only possible way that conjecture would have been in any way credible, or even make any sense, is if Sony still had anyContinue reading “Is Pushsquare new to the world of technology…?”

Corona Brings Out The Tedium

Don’t you just love blokes like this. “Hi everyone I just thought you’d all like to know about ME!!” Errr……nope. Look man I know you’re bored shitless in self isolation there but there’s something even more mind-numbingly boring than what you’re feeling – and that’s having to sit through a video of you telling meContinue reading “Corona Brings Out The Tedium”

There may be deaths a-plenty: BUT I AM NOT DYING WITH A MESSY ARSE AND NO PASTA

The panic buying of toilet paper and pasta is moronic, ridiculous, and fucking stupid. Shows just how imaginative these fuckwits are with cooking too, doesn’t it. Imagine being so fucking simple you can really ONLY think you’re capable of making it through what we’re assuming is Doomsday if you’re fully stocked up with pasta. ForContinue reading “There may be deaths a-plenty: BUT I AM NOT DYING WITH A MESSY ARSE AND NO PASTA”