No matter what they tell you on the news: everything is fine in the Cult of Donald. Remember. Agree. Conform. – Imgflip Look how mad and derranged the Cult of Donald get when you use their own logic and wording against them. 😂 This is precisely why anyone who picks a side is a fucking idiot, and I have no time for you.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cast Members at Disneyland Being Laid Off Due to Non-Transferable Seniority – WDW News Today Can they lay off Galaxy’s Edge as well? You know, seeing as it was a totally mismanaged flop, and all….

Twitter hosts the Terminally Stupid. Again.

Man: has, among a hundred other things, a number 88 tattooed on his face. Twitter: 88 CAN MEAN NO OTHER THING THAN THIS MAN IS A FUCKING NAZI. Ironically (though entirely unsurprisingly) half of the people instantly calling a man who happens to have “88” tattooed on his face “a nazi” despite not knowing himContinue reading “Twitter hosts the Terminally Stupid. Again.”