The west sees China as a ‘threat’, not as a real place, with real people | China | The Guardian Oh! Well many thanks for telling us what we all think there, Guardian! I’m sure you wouldn’t wish to be taken seriously as a newspaper or anything….

Captain Kirk: Bezos’ Blue Origin to send William Shatner into space – BBC News William Shatner to be catapulted vaguely outside earth’s atmosphere for 20 minutes before going back down again. Hmm you’re right it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, eh….

Iconic Disneyland Meme of “Side-Eye Chloe” Sells For Over $70,000 – Inside the Magic Okay so let’s have the full run down here shall we: Carefully straps in the little sister (cos so caring)…. …..leaves the older sister with no seat belt on – so she’d be dead in car crash. Decides they don’t need to go to school today “cos we love you so much (not entirelyContinue reading “Iconic Disneyland Meme of “Side-Eye Chloe” Sells For Over $70,000 – Inside the Magic”

How the Jaws Scene in Back to the Future Part 2 Predicted Modern Blockbusters – Den of Geek A whole article essentially saying “sometimes there are sequels, mostly they aren’t successful”. The rest is padding. Jesus christ I’m in the wrong career. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Roll on 2022 – I’m ready!!

Imagine if 20th Century Fox had made this….. Mercifully Paramount did. And they’ve shown a lot of love for their back catalogue for 4K. I’ve not been a fan of these films and have never owned them before on ANY format. But with the increasingly insipid, mediocre films being made these days, it’s time toContinue reading “Roll on 2022 – I’m ready!!”