Shoppers who refuse to wear masks to be banned from Morrisons as supermarket ‘strengthens’ rules – Chronicle Live Yeah this relies on security guards actually being present at the door – which I assure you is not 100% of the time. And what about those pricks who wear them in, and then think it perfectly fine to just lower them to have a chat, or cos they can’t be fucked wearing themContinue reading “Shoppers who refuse to wear masks to be banned from Morrisons as supermarket ‘strengthens’ rules – Chronicle Live”

Lucasfilm Games Begins a New Era | Errrrr……. So you buy LucasFilm and LucasArts, immediately close LucasArts and thus mothball one of the most anticipated Star Wars games in years, then have make a big song and dance and expect us to be excited when you make a new LucasArts….. You fucking clueless fuckwits.

Disney Disappoints (rarely offered conjecture, I know)

Well, I finally got around to seeing my Return of the Jedi 4K tonight. Beh. What a fucking let down. Far from the truly eye-popping colours of the Rise of Skywalker 4K, the colours and hues in Return of the Jedi were bland and mediocre. It was almost as if they just couldn’t be botheredContinue reading “Disney Disappoints (rarely offered conjecture, I know)”

Capitol riots: The Simpsons eerily predicted incident in 1996 Except they weren’t running up the steps firing guns. This is like one of those “some event that looks vaguely similar to what was written in the bible actually happened!”. And when that’s your article basis, in a serious newspaper…’s time to rethink your credibility, petal.