Elliot Page recalls ‘traumatic’ transphobic attack in Los Angeles

Someone in the Comments section is right – this has Jessie Smollet written all over it. Who the fuck says “I’m going to fucking gay bash you”??? Was this person a cartoon character or something? I buy that line about as much as Elliot claiming they shouted “I am going to commit a fucking transphobicContinue reading “Elliot Page recalls ‘traumatic’ transphobic attack in Los Angeles”

Correct answer: “IT WOZ DA EVEEL RUSSIA WOT DID IT!!!!”

Let’s remember something here: Russia has previously been accused of “bombing maternity hospitals”. This was actually just 1 “maternity hospital”, which, in fact, when you learn that 1 child died, was a pretty fucking empty “maternity hospital”. In fact, it was actually emptied and commandeered by the Ukrainian forces. But noooo, no no no. Let’sContinue reading “Correct answer: “IT WOZ DA EVEEL RUSSIA WOT DID IT!!!!””

Peppa Pig is Proud

https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/peppa-pig-celebrates-pride-month-but-gets-trolled-by-vile-bigots/ar-AA1cc8ku But of course, yes, anyone DARING to point this out is just another “vile bigot” and must not be listened to, or have any point they try to make listened to. People are getting increasingly sick of “Pride” shit forcing its way into every conceivable thing, ever, even when there is literally no benefitContinue reading “Peppa Pig is Proud”

Stuff that Amazon won’t tell you #461

When their drivers are leaving after picking up Amazon packages to deliver, you’re told you have to put your hazard lights on – but you’re never told why. You also have to show your driving licence every single time you show up. Most ’employers’ – even if you’re working for them on a casual basis,Continue reading “Stuff that Amazon won’t tell you #461”