Gabby Petito: Fiancé Brian Laundrie’s remains found – FBI – BBC News 2 impossibly beautiful people. 1 of the beautiful people murders the other beautiful person, buys a bit of stuff using her card, then realises his Instagram followers will probably drop off a bit when he’s in prison so tops himself. How romantic. Film incoming 🙄

Meghan Markle makes surprising revelation about life with two children in open letter | HELLO! If you haven’t contacted Meghan Markle to ask her if she’d like some more publicity recently don’t worry – she’ll write to you. 😏

Replacement PS5 faceplate company says Sony threatened to sue them Boo-fucking-hoo. What did these muppets think was going to happen?? You stick something with a Sony brand on the front of it, unless Sony have asked you to do this for them, it’s not going to go well. A small child could probably have told you this.

Death Stranding Has Ruined Other Open World Games For Me What a fucking pillock. “Not all open world games are the same so cos I like this one now I don’t like any of the other ones!!!”. What are you, 10? You just adapt your playing style to the open world game you’re in. So you find that one quite realistic – whoopee-do. I’mContinue reading “Death Stranding Has Ruined Other Open World Games For Me”

Drew Barrymore Confirms What We Suspected All Along About Bill Murray’s On-Set Behaviour God I love these smug, virtuous wankers “suspecting all along”. No, you didn’t. You were just guessing like the rest of us. And I bet you’re right cunt to work with, as well. Except minus the being funny and talented at the end of the working day.

Icing is yet another dating trend to make you miserable – so are you being iced? – Metro No it doesn’t sound “pretty shit” (or “pretty s**t” as you put it – if you’re going to need to censor that out why not just choose a different, and publishable word, you amateur). Unless of course you’re one seriously clingy little bunny boiler, this is a perfectly rational step a person might takeContinue reading “Icing is yet another dating trend to make you miserable – so are you being iced? – Metro”