Alice Cutter: Ex-Miss Hitler entrant among four ‘diehards’ jailed for belonging to banned far-right group | UK News | Sky News I don’t understand Nazi worship (but then I don’t understand God worship either) but FUCK ME she’s hot!! And really, did they seriously believe they were going to act in any way at all over this “final solution” shit? These people are all talk! (plus the best sex you’ll never have).

UK Social Justice “Slavery bad” Warriors on Wikipedia for the next few weeks

Since, you know, lockdown, and these muppets have fuck-all else to do – like something productive, and useful, for example….. Furthermore, perhaps one of you fucknuts can enlighten me, just what exact DIFFERENCE does a statue standing around somewhere actually have on your life, day to day?? Are you having some sort of mental breakdownContinue reading “UK Social Justice “Slavery bad” Warriors on Wikipedia for the next few weeks”

“I WILL NOT STAND for this RACISM!!!!…”

…..”but let me just appear in 200 episodes of Hollyoaks as part of my reparations”. Well done there for really making a stand, Rachel Adedeji. Were you sticking around ‘just to make sure’ everything was definitely all racist and stuff..? It’s funny that bit where she claims a make-up artist said “all black people lookContinue reading ““I WILL NOT STAND for this RACISM!!!!…””

Another Conspiracy Too Far…

This shit is hilarious. OH IT’S DEFINITELY DAVID BOWIE AFTER FAKING HIS OWN DEATH!!! Yeah um….never mind the dilated pupil has er…’healed’…? Never mind the mouth is wrong because David’s bottom lip never curled like that. Never mind the man is clearly of much larger build/bulk than David, never mind the only similarity to theirContinue reading “Another Conspiracy Too Far…”