I should hate it but I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT!!!!!

Talking about Shop Titans. Fucking hell, that game has sucked me in like I’ve not been sucked in (or suckered in) for many years and many, many a game. Screen Rant calls it “painfully tedious” (and that review was written by someone who clearly never plays computer games, and has been tasked with ‘explaining whatContinue reading “I should hate it but I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT!!!!!”

Nokia Mobile to introduce Clean OS for its devices? | Nokiamob

https://nokiamob.net/2022/08/11/nokia-mobile-to-introduce-clean-os-for-its-devices/ “Clean OS” is utter garbage as a term if it still forces you to have “necessary” Google apps. Because what Google deem to be “necessary” and what most users deem to be “necessary” is not the same thing.