Eating meat ‘raises risk of heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia’ “Too much of anything is quite bad for you”. Always breaking the news for us there, oh Gods of The Guardian. I think this is another one of those meant to make us all into miserable vegans. Get fucked.

BBC Three will return to TV screens after six-year break – BBC News 6 years ago I would have been cheering. But we all know the kind of woke, insipid banality we’re expected to watch now. As such the boat has not so much sailed as gone on 399 world cruises before being broken up for scrap.

BBC – The Social – Cloud gaming – the end for traditional consoles? (Spoiler alert: no) It’s hard to assess which of those services people give least of a shit about. That will be the decider, moving forward. Nevermind people’s “internet catching up”, it’s a little bit more worthwhile talking about people’s interest catching up.

‘This sauce will change your life!’ 30 brilliant condiments to transform your tired lockdown dishes Ohh, you mean, there are other sauces apart from Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Mayonnaise….?! Fuck me, Guardian writers really do think they’re breaking the news most of us have already known for years, don’t they….

Dr Seuss: Six books withdrawn over ‘hurtful and wrong’ imagery – BBC News No, there hasn’t been “disquiet expressed” by anyone except Twitter Toddlers, who as we all know by now have absolutely nothing else to do all day long but trawl through every last fucking book, film and TV show to try and twist something, somewhere, into “racism”, to reel in the Likes to their tweets,Continue reading “Dr Seuss: Six books withdrawn over ‘hurtful and wrong’ imagery – BBC News”

‘Hogwart’s Legacy’ Will Reportedly Embrace Trans-Inclusive Character Creation After Developers Pushed Back Against J.K. Rowling’s Remarks What “anti-trans perspective” is that then? Because you constantly misquoting her in order to twist what she said to suit your own narrative, isn’t “anti-trans”, you clueless fucking dolt.