Fire Max 11: Amazon Finally Has a Real iPad Alternative

“A real iPad alternative”…..


Ohhhhh CNET. Just when I thought you were improving your tech knowledge with your discovery that Sony make the sensors for Apple phones, and not Apple, you go and blurt that one out.

This screen on a forthcoming Amazon tablet has a 2,000×1,200 resolution screen…..

…something that’s been on the Nokia T20 since November 2021.

It also has a “faster MediaTek processor” though, ooooooh. Yeah you’ve lost me at the fact it’s a fucking MediaTek CPU. Anyone serious about power puts a Qualcomm in.

I also groan whenever I see the term “all day battery life”, without any actually mAh figure stated. The Nokia T20 has over 8000mAh of battery – which I can assure you lasts..for..DAYS.

Camera – no one gives a shit about cameras on a tablet.

As for “poised to be one of the best Amazon tablets”, well that’s the equivalent of saying this South Korean 15 year old girl pleasing corporate puppet k-pop group is set to be one of the best South Korean 15 year old girl pleasing corporate puppet k-pop groups.

Amazon tablets don’t even measure up against Lenovo, let alone Apple or Samsung tablets.

CNET are a wonder to journalism as to where they find writers that clueless.

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