Ohh CNET…I knew that line was coming, but it still made me chuckle

Sony have bested Samsung and Apple for…years now.

Claiming that Sony cameras are almost as good as an Apple phone camera, when Sony makes the sensors for Apple (because they’re merely a software company) is stupidity personified.

To call Sony’s phone design “mundane” only goes to further give away how easily fooled you are by “oooh no bezels!”, “oooh thin phone!” – never of course clicking that the reason Apple phones are so thin is because the battery is so fucking pathetic. There’s no ‘magic long lasting but really thin battery’, you dickheads.

“Oh, but this is TOO MUCH for a phone”. Ohh really? So you’re quite happy with struggling to maintain every photo, every downloaded film, and every video you take on internal memory, are you? Sony is one of the last bastions on earth of the SD card slot in phones – a feature which NO ONE ever thought “ooh, you know what, I really don’t need an SD card slot in my phone anymore!”.

But even way back in 2015, the Xperia Z2 wiped the floor with anything Samsung or Apple were doing. So you can drop this clueless “a step closer to besting” bollocks.

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