This post may or may not date well. But I suspect that it will date well.

Firstly, I am not going to buy the ROG Ally straight away. Much as I would love to try it out, a few things are holding me back. Firstly the notion of being able to play not just Steam games, but potentially ANY games, is a great one. But when your mini-OS is Windows 11, well, some older PC games are going to need stuff bolted on to get them running. And I’m not entirely sure a handheld is really going to support much in the way of bolting on – considering it seemingly doesn’t even have an SD card slot.

Secondly, a full HD, 120Hz screen would be lovely for watching films and shows in bed. But I have a 10″ tablet for that – which has great audio too. Even my Zenfone 9 is a total joy to watch Cheaters on in bed at night.

Thirdly, The Zenfone 10 is due this year. And I just don’t have the money to throw around on more than 1 3 figure device. I’m really excited for the Zenfone 10, which, by the way, will NOT have a “200mp camera”. The “tech experts” have been predicting a 200mp camera on ASUS phones since the Zenfone 7. It has appeared on Geekbench now. And the phone sadly will be bigger than the Zenfone 9 (which by the way, is..PERFECT) but apparently not too much bigger. ASUS is pretty much now the only phone manufacturer you can get genuinely excited for every year with new phones. Everyone else brings you the usual tired out incremental upgrades. ASUS always try to bring you something new. In 2022 it was the “light trail” photo feature, which is fucking cool.

Sadly of course they’ll never gain a proper foothold, when Samsung constantly pay for great reviews and mind share. But don’t worry, ASUS – I appreciate what you do!!

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