I include this photo to prove I bought the original copy…..

…which is now completely fucking WORTHLESS and UNPLAYABLE.

This is thanks entirely to Microsoft :

a) Forcing us all to activate our game using the dreadful “Games for Windows Live”

b) Subsequently going “oh no, actually we’re shutting down Games For Windows Live, now” just a few years later

c) Not bothering to transfer the activation for Fable III over to their Xbox app for Windows 10 onwards.

So thanks a fucking lot, yeah…

This is yet more proof that Microsoft do not understand gaming, or gamers, and why Sony routinely hammer them in the console war.

Fable was a very very much loved series among gamers. The fact that Microsoft do not even know this, coupled with the fact that they closed down the very development studio that made it in the first place, shows they’re not really in touch with gamers.

So off I go to old-games.com and I’ll download it from there and hopefully get it running.

All being said, Microsoft are basically encouraging games piracy because they cannot be bothered implementing a few simple steps for people who MIGHT actually still want to play this hardly dated looking game.

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