CNET – the neverending spring of mirth

You have to love them for trying…..but try-hard is just so wincingly painful to watch.

“LOOK I have purple hair, so that means you KNOW I am a geek and I definitely know what I’m talking about, right? Right?”


Ohh and check those ‘downsides’. One of the “biggest” downsides are the BEZELS, but, no wait, she has to “have a bit longer to decide if that’s going to be much of an issue”…

Eeerrrrmmmm…I can save you the time, CNET – bezels have never been of any genuine issue to anyone, ever, unless you’re a “tech journalist”.

Oh and you’ll be able to more than just “see the crease”. In a couple of years you’ll see cracks, and the device will be rendered worthless. But heeeyyy, looky here at my freebie little foldy phone gimmick for about 10 months! and I only pissed nearly £2000 up the wall for 9 months of gimmicky gadget! Aren’t I a smart investor!

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