The Xperia 1 V looks incredible.

Sony have again ignored the petty, meaningless drivel of those “tech journalists” and 17 year old forum users about “bezels” and STILL stuck with a notchless screen – which naturally beats the living shit out of Samsung or Apple for pure viewing pleasure – be it gaming or films and shows.

They’ve also ignored the tech journalist whine about under-screen fingerprint sensors (utterly pointless gimmick – but hey Samsung do them so let’s make out that it’s some sort of issue when other phone manufacturers don’t).

They also seem to have tweaked the audio a bit too (along with the camera, of course). This is something of interest because if you’ve ever had a Sony phone like I have you will already know the audio on those is fucking incredible. NOTHING beats front facing speakers. Sure you can try to fake it like a Samsung. But nothing quite nails it as genuinely front facing ones do.

And looking elsewhere, even their Xperia 10 V has dual front facing speakers now. This makes that one a bit of a “hmmmmmm” consideration…….maybe.

Naturally, all of the above will be completely ignored by all the sites and all the “tech journalists” – because they’re on Samsung’s payroll. They will tell you about the “niche market Sony phone” and “there are a small number of people out there who still buy Sony’s phones”. Yes, dear. That’s probably because there are a HUGE number of corporate cock sucking “tech journalists” who never stop taking back-handers from Samsung year in, year out, to bang on about “Samsung are da BEST Android!!!”.


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