Tesco chairman John Allan accused of inappropriate behaviour

So basically he said something about how someone looked, said sorry, and that person he’d commented on considered the matter closed. But nooooooooo it is NOT closed because hey, hey, there MUST be a huge systemic problem within Tesco, and it must be rooted out, and all the nasty, mean people replaced with only kind people.

Fucking jesus……

I’m not sure how these muppets on the outside actually think the UK’s leading supermarket has retained its position at the top for decades now. Hmm do you think it’s because “everyone is just always so nice and kind to one another – #BeKind #Kindness”?? No that is probably not how it’s managed to remain at the top for decades now.

In a similar vein, name me any company that constantly goes on and on about how kind their culture is and how everyone is treated with kindness and all the managers shit rainbows every day that is actually still in business.

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