Google Pixel Fold Leak Includes Display and Camera Specs

Ooooooooohwho fucking cares.

Foldable phones were, are, and always will be a fucking cack idea.

You know, unless you’re claiming you’ve somehow managed to alter how science works – the glass will always end up cracking along the crease. Don’t care if it’s after 4 months or 4 years – it just won’t last. What is the fucking point, when you know this?? And don’t give me the “specially engineered Corning glass” bollocks. My Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, which according to their site “is up to 4x better than competitive aluminosilicate” was scratched in about 2 weeks when I took it out on shift with me before I’d finally managed to get hold of a screen protector for it. And that’s just normal, always flat glass. Are you really stupid enough to believe that they’ve somehow managed to suddenly defy science with glass that needs to be creased up multiple times per day? 🤡

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