Currently as I type, it’s now been 1 whole month since Jeremy has posted a single video on his personal channel. You would think he’d be all over the Tucker Carlson thing.

Even his Twitter seemingly has just 1 post about it:

And that doesn’t express any view at all about it.

I know the man is busy, but he managed to find the time to post endless ‘Tucker Carlson is right’ style videos, and of course the comments on those are all full of “#Dominion”, rah rah rah.

Complete silence from one of Fox News’ biggest defenders. Egg on your face, Jeremy…?

To be clear I really like, and always have liked, Jeremy as the person he seems to be – this is no personal attack. But his political viewpoints and people he chooses to believe are seriously flawed. And after such vociferous defence of pretty much anything that comes out of Tucker Carlson’s gob, the silence is very telling.

You’ve been stung, Jeremy! And at times we all have. This, yet again, is the problem with only believing your ‘preferred sources’, and instantly dismissing any other source as “big tech” or “mainstream media bullshit”. You end up with a very skewed picture, that when it comes off the rails, it really leaves you dumbfounded and out of kilter.

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