Yasmin Finney is ‘still waiting for a role that isn’t trans’

So, lemme get this straight here…because it’s late and this fucking shite is making my head hurt…you’ve spent the past few years whining that “ONLY GAY PEOPLE SHOULD PLAY GAY CHARACTERS, ONLY TRANS PEOPLE SHOULD PLAY TRANS CHARACTERS”, and now you’re whining because you’re “trans” and you’re NOT getting NOT-TRANS ROLES…..

Can you possibly fathom how you’ve just tied yourself up in knots and tripped yourself over here. Or do you lack self-awareness.

I think we’ll go with the latter…..๐Ÿคก

Also notice that Microsoft has censored anyone from daring to point out THESE PEOPLE HAVE TOTALLY FUCKING CONTRADICTED THEIR OWN MANTRA.

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5 thoughts on “Yasmin Finney is ‘still waiting for a role that isn’t trans’

  1. I think what is being said is, “I want to be chosen as a person because I am good for that role, not because I am trans actor being a trans person in a role about being trans”. Simular to a Spanish speaker saying they want to be chosen for a role, not just because they speak Spanish, but because they are good for the part in general? Make sense?


    1. Yeah but we’ve endlessly seen them moaning that only gay people should play gay characters, only trans people should play trans characters. Then the minute they’re being offered exactly what they’re asking for they’re STILL whining!!

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      1. I think there point being when saying that only LGBTQ people should play LGBTQ people is their way of saying straight people are **** at play LGBTQ people, which I whole heartedly agree with, but if you can find a time they were good at it, I live under a rock, and am wrong all the time… my whole life is about me being wrong actually..


      2. Hmmm I personally think this is about no matter what the industry does to try and accomodate they’re STILL going to whine because you simply cannot win with these people. ๐Ÿ˜–


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