The Slow and Painful Death of Facebook is Glorious

Headlines from last year regarding “first decline in active users” might not look like much to worry them. 1.929 billion is still going to rake in huge ad revenue, and get a lot of underhanded selling of user data still greasing the cogs.

But you have to question what Facebook would call an “active user”. Because they would probably count someone logging in, changing their profile photo, then fucking off and doing something useful for the rest of the week as “an active user”.

Almost no one I see on the heavily used (by millions) penpal sites even mentions Facebook, and no one who starts messaging me asks me if I am on it. Even less people are saying “Meta” – because the rebranding was such a pathetic failure. When you’ve built up branding for nearly 20 years, you’re not going to suddenly undo that overnight, and you are unlikely to do that before the platform is even more of a forgotten, barren wasteland than it is right now.

And who the fuck visits “the metaverse” apart from tech journalists? 😂

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