Pride Cup [niche group] warns decision to ban transgender basketball player Lexi Rodgers sends concerning message

Err yeah I think we can safely dismiss what anything a group called the “Pride Cup” has to say about “inclusiveness”. The fucking irony of them saying “sport should be for everyone”. Uuuumm….you’re called “Pride Cup”. Is that for heterosexual people, then?

Quite aside from the clear and often immense biological differences a woman who used to be a bloke has over their competitors in a sport event, we all know the real reason they’re against having separate “Had The Change” events (sorry, since the word “trans” was invented on Twitter it doesn’t hold much sway in reality as a genuine word). The real reason is because they know as well as anyone else with half a brain cell does that they wouldn’t even be able to field enough competitors to hold a swimming event. So they have to impose themselves in the proper female events and then bleat “transphobia!!!!” when anyone dares to take issue with it. No, no one is “scared” of people who’ve had the change, it’s just making women’s sport look absolutely ridiculous now, in the name of ‘representing’ a few people that make up less than 1% of any population of any country on the whole planet.

And no, putting on a dress and a pink wig when you still have a cock does not make you “a woman now”. It just makes you a bloke in a dress with a pink wig. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being a bloke in a dress with a pink wig – I’m just giving you a reality check…..sir.

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