Okay, I CONCEDE TO STEAM…..a bit.

Linking back to all my games is a fucking mind numbingly dull experience these days, thanks to the now SEVERAL cunting launchers – Epic, Origin, Steam, UbiSoft Connect and now GOG Galaxy (although the GOG one is entirely optional).

I did not bother uninstalling ANY of my games from my Games drive (yes, I named it that – inventive I know – it’s because that’s ALL that I keep on this drive). Not so long ago, I would find all my save games and diligently keep those somewhere, then re-import them back into the game once I was back up and running on a new hard disk or a new PC build.

But these days of launchers have left me feeling un-arsed to do that. And the games that I can still get running straight off the disc are not ones that I got very far in, or else don’t mind starting from the beginning again. This has proven very hit and miss but mostly miss. But there is one launcher that as soon as I re-installed it on the Games drive, instantly linked back up to all the games I had installed, knew which ones were installed and which were not – straight off the bat – despite a brand new build and a totally fresh Windows install. Yes……that launcher is STEAM. I didn’t even have to touch a thing. And for it to link every single installed game back up, on a non-Windows drive, after a clean install of Windows on a brand new C: drive, is really fucking impressive.

I’ve just checked Epic to see if it had done the same – but nope. ONLY Steam pulls this trick off. So despite being the Valve Games Rental Service that started it all, I will begrudgingly hand them this one.

“Achievements” are still a complete and utter pointless waste of time….

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