The light, the truth and the way…

Ordered me one of THESE.

These look fucking NICE, and they’re only about £20, versus over £30 for a similar amount of RGB on other 140mm fans (what appears to be on the ring AND on the blades). The only slight problem is they haven’t been released yet. So I’ve pre-ordered one for the rear of my case as an extractor. Say what ever you like about “bearings” this and “db” that and “pressure” this – it’s a fucking fan, it pulls out air. That’s ALL it will ever be doing. So why not go for the best balace of very competent manufacturer and very sexy RGB.

Coolermaster too, unlike a LOT of the other case fan manufacturers, see the value in making their RGB compatible with as many of the main RGB controller software as possible – and ASUS Aura is one of them. So I can’t wait for it to get released – as I’ve already bought and paid for one.

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