Interesting reading a little bit about Whoosh. The first thing I thought when I saw that pop up in my Tesco app was “okay, which idiotic gig economy employee exploiting cunts are they working with now”. Turned out that from what I can understand Whoosh is actually an in-house operation – which is incredibly shrewd – as Tesco won’t be paying any contract fees to any other company and keeping those profits.

Morrisons have contracted this shit out to Deliveroo as have Sainsbury’s. Well of course they have – both are majority owned by either Qatar (or “Quatar” as I like to call it to make logical spelling sense) or private equity firms who do not have a fucking clue how to run a British supermarket properly and efficiently. What bozo wouldn’t spot potentially huge profit leakage caused by paying a different company to do your rush deliveries?

To me it looks like Tesco has the right people at the top – not least with their decision to buy back shares back to avoid the relentless buy outs of the cocaine snorting cunts in stripy shirts and braces at the private equity groups. For Tesco I say the future looks very upbeat. For the remainer of the ‘British’ supermarkets……far less so.

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