Still going

It’s been a loooong day of setting up. I finally got the other 2 hard disks to be recognised. Fuck knows why they even weren’t being before. Sometimes PC building is just a case of luck and chance. All I actually did was put the SATA data cables in different ports – but who knows why the PC wasn’t recognising them in the ports they were in in the first fucking place.

Forced Windows 11 to install, after having to hold Windows’ hand for fuck sake. It’s alright so far.

Finally got Far Cry installed and into the menu after several false starts trying to fucking start the game through UbiSoft Connect. I set all the video settings to Ultra, and used HD Textures. Restarted the game ……..and was met with a blank screen. Great. Found that the graphics card drivers were NOT the latest. So those are now installed, and I will try again tomorrow.

I’m also going to let Windows keep the setting of standby – something I have NEVER done before in the history of building my PC’s. But I thought you know what, fuck it. For overnight as I sleep, why not. It might help lengthen the the LED light life. God knows when I will be building another PC – this one has been built to last me YEARS, not just a couple.

Tomorrow I will have a go at cable sorting – because currently I can’t even close the side panels on the other side of it. Yes there’s a serious mess to sort out. But I just about know what I’m doing here.


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