Donald Trump releases statement after becoming first US president to be indicted

Honestly, at this stage Donny could slit a woman’s throat live on national TV and his supporters would immeditely comment “STAGED!!!!” and some “patsy” shit (they love that word – it makes them feel all clever) oh and “PSYOPS!!!!” (that makes them feel really ‘awake’).

There’s literally nothing the man could do that his supporters wouldn’t listen to his childish rants about “fake trial” and “witch hunt” and them just go “I believe Donald Trump. He would not lie to me. He is telling the truth”. That kind of totally unquestionning behaviour is indicative of a cult. Oh sure plenty of them will be on their big boom mics with their headphones on and get all animated about it on YouTube and Rumble. Big deal – the words will all still be exactly the same as if they came out of a monotone catatonic mental in-patient’s mouth. Because they’re so far gone now that all they can do, as per my previous post, is repeat small phrases from their “ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA BAD” Phrase Book.

You do not have to be a leftist, soy drinking Biden supporter to really spot what a self-serving prick Donald is, and that maaaaaybe at some point mud WILL stick. Him and his supporters in their echo chamber constantly slapping down any TINY hint of a crooked deal as “fakenewsmediawitchhuntwakeuppsyopsbigtechtheyareouttogetusall” is exactly the same as the current media narrative that it’s mostly unarmed black people who are being shot by the police.

Because you see, when you “question everything”, that means you question EVERY thing, and not just the source that you don’t like or agree with.

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