ENOUGH (is finally enough)

I am fucking sick to death of Sainsbury’s concentration-camp style self scan checkouts. Their clear “shoplifter until proven innocent” attitude problem is one thing. Now, as well as being filmed, TWICE, at the self scan, you’re not allowed to leave until you’ve scanned your receipt at the fucking barrier, which will then release you. FUCK OFF. And how exactly is this saving paper, if you’re now being FORCED to take a receipt?

Then we come to their stock contol/procurement. Something is seriously amiss there. Eggs last night at around 7:30?? ZERO. All the signs were up, bleating about a “national shortage”. Yet when I went over to Morrison’s over an HOUR later, yep there were eggs – boxes and boxes of them. And Morrison’s are EQUALLY as busy as Sainsbury’s – if not more so at times. Yet hmm, they didn’t struggle to sell me some eggs. So what’s the excuse? Also the biscuit shelves at Sainsbury’s were half empty. And there certainly isn’t a national biscuit shortage. That was pathetic.

It’s a shame because Sainsbury’s do some really nice own brand stuff. I may be forced to go in to get my special squash, because nowhere else other than Waitrose sells that stuff, and Waitrose is WAY off any route home from work. But if it comes to my principles here I’ll just pick a weekend to go and get that stuff from Waitrose instead. But with Sainsbury’s appalling attitude now towards their own customers : fuck right off.

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