Wait a minute, you can still update a disk-based version of Steam from 2004 to the current release


Err….I’m sorry, how is this a surprise to anyone except games journalists? The data on the disc would have been exactly the same data as if you’d purchased a key for it.

It’s basically more fawning over Steam. Ohh Steeeam, you’re so amazing and wonderful!!

Yeah except when you get your account stolen, and £200 worth of games are in someone else’s collection in an instant, and Valve’s policy on reclaiming your account is very clearly (having been through the attempt myself and giving up after the amount of flaming hoops I was expected to jump through) “guilty until proven innocent”.

Just as that wondrous “Offline mode” which half the time doesn’t work – with the ever so helpful ‘error message’ of “Steam is unable to start in Offline mode [so tough shit]”.

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