Should You Buy Kaspersky Security Products?


Seemingly even admitting there’s actually no evidence whatsoever that Kaspersky is a bad actor despite various mud slinging attempts, PC Mag can no longer recommend it because Kaspersky fails to virtue signal and won’t remove its headquarters from Moscow.

And precisely why should it????? Just because YOU don’t like Russia right now in its war against the Ukrainian dictatorship? That is a fucking pathetic ‘reason’. If you wanted to take the moral high ground in everything ever made, you’d have to go live in a cave in the woods and eat nuts and berries. There is not a single country on earth without blood on its hands in some form or other (this includes Ukraine, which has been caught executing captured Russian soldiers). So you can stop being so fucking pious.

Would it make you happy if Kaspersky found itself in the position of having to put itself up for acquisition, and was subsequently turned into another watered down trash anti-virus like McAfee or Norton? “Well hey I got malware into my PC via the piss-poor detection rates of Kaspersky now but at least I’m not supporting mean Governments!”. Get yourself a fucking grip, man.

Also your “” URL leads to a completely America-centric article. So you might want to stop using fucking TotalAV and sort that one out as well, you muppets.

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