Ukraine Calls For Worldwide Atomic Heart Ban

Because politicians know soooo much about gaming, don’t they.

This is presumably why UK politicians called for the banning of the first GTA game – having been ‘leaked’ utter bullshit by the developer themselves, which they then just repeated in Parliament – having never even SEEN the game.

This is the Ukrainian regime’s “RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!” moment, flailing around like the pious, preening cunts they are, knowing that no one’s really going to question their motives. Their motives here are to seriously claim that developers, sat around coding and developing a computer game, are somehow the equivalent of dropping bombs on civilian houses.

And, as we can see again from Microsoft censoring any public comment on this story via their news pages, you are to ONLY bow down and agree that only Ukraine has a point in any of this.

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