Slight hiccup with the new build. I think I chucked out all the extra PSU cables that I now really need to connect to the 4070Ti.

Ordered a 1000W ROG Strix PSU (cos hey – no such thing as overkill). And after researching just quite how many of the 3 outgoing PCI-E cables you need to hook up, and finding nothing but unhelpful arrogant cunts on Reddit (big shock) with the “don’t you even know that??” style response, I’ve decided fuck it and will connect ALL 3 cables coming off the 16 pin one, thank you very much. Any overkill should simply mean the PSU doesn’t provide power when power isn’t needed.

Another little issue is that my Royal Mail fleece appears to be a massive harbourer of static electricity – something I really don’t need around a brand new build. So before I begin I’m going to have to find an alternative warm top to wear.

On the plus side I did have a bit of a realisation overnight – possibly in a dream, that “what the fuck are you worried about Stephen – it’s really straightforward”. And it mostly is. I just need to locate the RGB headers for my lighting as I’ve never had those on a motherboard before. All the rest I’ve done several times over. Relax!

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