Birmingham Live: Police offer £10,000 reward for missing Constance Marten and Birmingham-born rapist partner

Jesus, WE GET THAT HE’S A RAPIST, Birmingham Mail. You inserted it no less than 3 times before even the 2nd paragraph was finished.

It’s as if these people think “oh, rapist – WHY IS SHE WITH A RAPIST?!?!!?!”. I am leaning towards everyone being given a 2nd chance in life. If he isn’t absconding here, then he’s obviously served his time in prison for rape – obviously entirely rightly.

It’s as if you give no credit that this woman has any intelligence to decide for herself whether to enter into a relationship with the man. Maybe he regrets what he did every single day of his life. Maybe he doesn’t, but I would at least give the man more of the benefit of the doubt than your childish “rapist! rapist! Rapey rape rapist!!!” throughout the article.

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