Meh – priorities in poverty

Just paid another £74.76 to Affinity Water. I arranged a payment card years ago now with them, whereby I make monthly payments with it at a PayPoint in shops. I’ve ended up not doing this, and waiting for their “you’ve fallen behind with your payments” letters. These used to be every 6 months, but this game we’ve been playing has been changed and they’ve reduced it down to 2 or 3 months now. A bit more hassle, but I suppose at least cheaper for me to deal with. I never have harboured any intention of not paying my water supplier.

I would set up a Direct Debit with them – water companies, through all the flack they get over the constant leaks in a system set up in Victorian Times, seem to have been one of the least greedy companies with regard to the current world problems around energy and food supplies and pricing. But I am just not able to afford another Direct Debit coming out right now, when I’m going through around £10 PER DAY of electric on my electric meter – anymore than I could afford to add another lovely subscription box to my monthly outgoings.

Water is one of those things you never even notice until you don’t have it. So let’s be real here – they do provide a critical service for sure.

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