Kara Vandereyk, Las Vegas Woman Arrested For Having Sex With Pit Bull Dog


Number 1: Why is this filed under “Animal cruelty”?? It’s a fucking DOG. Think you’ll find all dogs want to do is fuck at any given opportunity.

Number 2: “Police were called after neighbours spotted Kara Vandereyk having intercourse with the dog in her back yard in Las Vegas.” Ummm……tell me, are “back yards” areas that are not fenced off and openly viewable to passers by??

Don’t give me that “neighbours spotted” bullshit. Neighbours heard young woman fucking and went to peer through her fence, then saw her off her face fucking her dog, then pretended to be all offended and called police after THEY’D gone and peeked in at her. Rubber necking fucks always spoil the fun. But get your facts straight next time.

Published by InsanityDaily

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