‘Decapitate Terfs’ signs at pro-trans rally attended by SNP politicians

No one with a brain cell thinks “this is trans people saying anyone homophobic or against transsexuals should be beheaded!!!”

These freaks are not even ‘trans’. These freaks are the equivalent of those white people going on “Black Lives Matter” marches and being offended on behalf of ‘da poor lickle bwlack peopolz’. And this is why you won’t see sites like Metro telling you about signs like this – because it would overturn their inference that pretty much everyone at these demonstrations was ‘trans’.

Actual people currently going through a sex change have been sitting at home all along, more than likely face-palming at the purple haired fuckwits claiming to be speaking for them – often claiming to BE them.

Now imagine if someone went through a town with a banner saying “Decapitate trans people”. We would NEVER hear the end of it. The Alphabet Mafia would be retweeting photos of that protest banner until the end of time. But ohhh, no, anyone in the Alphabet Mafia doing it, no, let’s bury that one. Same with, yet again, the censoring of comments on the Microsoft Start page. Corporations are absolutely terrified of the Alphabet Mafia coming for them.

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