FUCK YOU, Corel (or “Alludo” – even though it still says “About Corel” on your Pinnacle Studio site)

Today whilst importing the second part of a video for my YouTube into Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate, I caught the thing suddenly completely lose the audio on what I’d just spent an hour or so editing, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Yep, no shame, just completely fucking over what I’d just been working on. I noticed it had also suddenly ‘lost’ the original video (the first part that I needed to join together with the second part) from its location. Nope, I did not move or change a single fucking thing. It had just ‘lost’ it – right in front of my eyes.

I don’t believe this shit is accidental. Corel are on to Pinnacle Studio 26 now. And how DARE I still have the raw nerve to want to just carry on using Pinnacle Studio 22. Yes we know you paid up £70 for it Stephen but that was THEN – look we’ve made 4 more since then!! Give us ANOTHER £70 and it might not fuck up for you.

Actually Corel, FUCK YOU, I am currently downloading a Torrent of Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate. Maybe the keygen will work out, maybe it won’t. But selling your software for £70, issuing about 2 patches, then just forgetting about it and moving on to the next one, asking customers to fork out another £70, and making your older versions fuck up is a REALLY nasty way to treat your paying customers. If I can get the app to work off the keygen then all I can say is: karma is a fucking bitch. 😎

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