Tesco Mobile review 2023: pros and cons to their network


What a fucking joke of a review.

So caught up is this person, wanting to sound oh-so-knowledgeable about 4G and WiFi calling (and I couldn’t give a flying fuck about either not being there) that they completely forget to mention the fact that Tesco Mobile is one of the only mobile providers that have fixed price contracts. Yes, that rather important to mention fact that means that if you sign up in March, for a “contract” at, say £12.50 per month, that contract won’t only be honoured until April, where it will suddenly be £12.85 a month, it will be £12.50 FOR THE DURATION OF THE CONTRACT.

I suspect this site has been told not to mention this little fact by the networks – because it doesn’t exactly put them in a good light.

As for all those ‘perks’ – get real mate – hardly anyone bothers with superfluous shite over just getting sufficient data and decent coverage for their mobile phone. That’s got nothing to do with you being oh-so-much-more-knowledgable than us plebs. It’s just what happens in the real world.

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