My Special Day : After

Wellll I’m mixed about last night. I’m really happy and glad that I finally got to see Monster Trucks, but the whole thing was a bit underwhelming. I also didn’t expect it to be quite so geared towards 8-11 year olds, as opposed to mere simple minded people like myself.

Here is the obligatory Bigfoot photo. It was great seeing that – although I do expect it’s not actually THE Bigfoot, more just a nicely engineered duplicate of the same truck model. But hey, I can always pretend. I’ve just done the research and found there’s been about 21 built. But seeing as that’s since 1975, I suppose there’s still an element of something special there. Anyway, I was excited to see one of them.

I think the emphasis was wrong. The event emphasis was very clearly on audience capacity, rather than actual show space. Large as the o2 is, the floor space was simply too small to have anything that spectacular happen. The Monster Trucks were actually just sat idle for nearly half the entire show – and only driving 1 or 2 at a time – 2 only very briefly. Then we had some motorcycle jumping…..sorry what was this show called again….? At one point I thought they were going to replace the crushed cars so we could see some fresh crushing action, but nooooo, they just moved them around a bit. I know there’s a recession on but it really isn’t that hard to get your hands on unwanted cars.

An outdoor venue would have infinitely more flexibility. And if they’re worried about audience a half empty stadium versus profit margins, well that’s cancelled out by the fact you’d have a tonne more space than the o2 Arena affords to be able to set up better stunts. It is an impressive venue, but it’s designed for music and speaker events, rather than vehicle events.

All in all it was a happy time, but I just won’t be going to another one.

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