Sold Out. Again!!!!

Ohhh fucking christ not SSE now too!! 😩

The last ISP I had that sold all their customers down the river to TalkTalk was Tesco Broadband and Homephone. And less than a month after the deal was completed, TalkTalk had a massive data breach. With rather impressive foresight I had already terminated my contract with Tesco before TalkTalk got their incompetent hands on my personal data.

Now fucking OVO are flogging me off too??!!!?! No they are fucking not. I’ve e-mailed them to ask when the soonest I can cancel is. I do find it exciting though, admittedly, signing up to a different ISP. I love opening up a fresh new (and invariably free) router. It’s a buyer’s market with internet service provision (in the UK – I know it’s absolutely appalling in America) – with the greatest combination, of authorities having forced them to make it easier than ever to switch, and cut throat pricing. Perhaps, therefore, it’s not altogether surprising that OVO weren’t up to the job of internet provision and sold it off almost immediately after buying up SSE. It just so happens they chose the WORST possible buyer.

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