New Dawn (I hope)

Finally, after looking around, and having a think, remembering previous experiences, I’ve gone for Sky Broadband.

The countdown is literally on (although who the fuck is going to keep an order confirmation page open for nearly a whole week is anyone’s guess)…

It’s even worse than I thought with TalkTalk – after the data breach happened, they actually tried to cover it up. They also lied to some customers that it had even happened. Christ, if TalkTalk was the last ISP left on earth I STILL wouldn’t sign up to them. I’d just use mobile data. Ffffuck that. What kind of legitimate company tries to cover up a fucking customer data breach??

Fixed price contracts are officially dead, and that’s sad. What I will be doing is getting in touch with Sky at the end of this new contract and ‘seeing what they can do’ for me. Sky have, in my own experience, been pretty keen to retain custom, and do offer up something towards keeping to roughly the price you signed up at. Last time they tried to offer me something I turned them down and still switched. But, however, when there are now no fixed price contracts out there, it’s probably worth eeking out a good deal with a company that, although not always that likeable, at least knows what the fuck they are doing, and won’t suddenly sell you down the river to a different company when it’s them you wanted to stay signed to.

I’m so glad I checked my SSE account this morning and stumbled across that message. I wouldn’t want TalkTalk getting hold of my personal data if they were the last ISP out there. I’d just use mobile data instead.

As for SSE…..what a fucking MESS they’ve made. SSE would not deal with my e-mail. I got a bounced reply saying “No further action will be taken” with the e-mail, and to contact OVO. So I contacted OVO – because I could not set up my OVO account online. OVO man put me through to “the right” department….which turned out to be some girl who “wasn’t trained on broadband”. So, the wrong department then. She gave me a number – which when I called it triggered an answer machine message telling me this number is no longer in use. Thank fuck it gave me the number that was in use……which turned out to be SSE!! Quite circular, really, wasn’t it. Anyway, she DID find my details, and was able to terminate my contract, which, it turned out, was running until November this year. When she checked by triggering a termination on the system, she told me there would be no early termination fee to pay. Thank FUCK. I would have been fairly fucking annoyed if there had been – considering I’d signed up to SSE, not OVO and CERTAINLY not fucking TalkTalk. When the rug is pulled from under your feet mid-contract like that, and your personal data is about to be sold down the river, you should NEVER be expected to pay an early termination fee if you wish to terminate mid-contract. At least amongst all that mess that was in place.

So here I wait! And I’m fairly relieved I went for a whopping 60GB contract with Tesco Mobile – I will probably be using a large chunk of that in the coming days!

It’s been a loooong day. I got up early for what turned out to be no reason. I was about to head to Tesco to ask them to help me as I could not access my data. But something had dropped into place at some point very early this morning – mobile data appeared to be working. But I made the most of the extra time and got a full underwear wash put through. That was productive. And so far, after turning it off and on again, my mobile data appears to be accessible.

I’ve sorted out my new ISP. It’s time to brush my teeth, and get into bed, and relax with another episode of Cheaters – with 0 ads. 😎

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