Live and let live (you sexually repressed redneck hicks)


literally so hot in here, but so much fun

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Allow me to explain the facts of life to you: This teenager doesn’t have over 7 million Followers because she doesn’t dress like a slut and make videos!!

Conservatives out there right now are desperately trying to get her shut down, deleted, silenced. Their religious zealot indoctrination teaches them to be ashamed of their own bodies. And yet they run around telling it’s everyone else who has the problem.

The ‘problem’ for them is that this girl is very comfortable with her sexuality, and knows how to play several million heterosexual men. How, exactly, does that present a problem for you? “Ohh, but Stephen, she’s not yet 18, she doesn’t know what she’s doing”.

Okay, so what if she’s still dancing around dressed like a slut at 22? (Spoiler alert: she will be – unless one of you redneck fucktards finds her with your 2nd Amendment Rights and guns her down, of course).

Go fuck yourselves thinking anything she’s doing has, or will have, any impact upon your empty, sexually repressed life whatsoever. Go pray in your stupid little church whilst you think up more ways to whine to TikTok admin that she should be banned, so you can go on imagining that it’s still the 1930’s and every girl under 18 should be shut away wearing a gingham dress down to her ankles, you fucking freaks.

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2 thoughts on “Live and let live (you sexually repressed redneck hicks)

    1. Damn I need to see the worse ones. I’m only on there for the slutty dance videos. So many other attention seekers on there though. But as for this girl I’ve seen an article on her casually saying she has videos with “sexual content” on her TikTok. These morons could no more link me to any video with genuine “sexual content” than any of the muppets on Twitter could link me to a “racist tweet”.
      Fucking nut jobs.


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