Top of the year, to ya!!

Here I am in 2023, and how the fuck did I get here. Every passing year, to an 80’s baby like me, sounds more and more like one of those cheesy 1970’s space shows. Just wait until we get to 2025!!

2023 will be the first FULL year where I’ll be working in a job that I LOVE. The first full year I will have escaped the care home job, getting more and more tense, with a violent resident who will just never stop. Doesn’t matter if he’s on meds, off meds, the care plan is being followed, or not followed – NONE OF IT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE. Admitting this fact is something the manager will never ever do. Although she has recognised it’s what eventually drove me away. And yes, you can bet I’m still thinking of Olivia, she’ll still be bitter about having to still work there, and she’ll still never admit to anyone, possibly even to herself, that she’s bitter. From the things I hear from Thabani, she’s still taking every new employee under her wing, praising them to the heavens, refusing to hear a single negative thing said about them – right up until they fuck up with the violent resident, or do something Queen Olivia doesn’t like – at which point they’re suddenly the worst employee the care home has ever had. Repeat, repeat, repeat. She always had an answer for everything, but the one answer she doesn’t have is for what to do when most of the people there now are seeing through her, that she just isn’t the person she makes out she is. I suppose it should be obvious, really – the person claiming to be the most genuine person there is invariably the least genuine person there. But this common sense evaded me for years and years, and I’m still in purgatory here over being sucked in for that amount of time. It was a lot. The fact is, if she was anything remotely like the saintly person she tries to portray herself as, she’d have asked after me so much as ONCE since I left in February 2022.

She hasn’t.

Today I’m having a phone free day – well communication wise at least. I’m still playing my phone games and doing my dailies. But I’m not responding to anyone on WhatsApp. I just need a day to myself completely. Peace and quiet, and hopefully some solid gaming. I’m going to have a better crack at Squadrons on PC. I’m glad I got it for free – the storyline just from the opening is cringeingly bad. Of COURSE, it’s Disney 2020’s, so THE first faces you see are black faces….oh and then of course an Asian face too. But wait – these are IMPERIAL black people. So, what, we’re saying black people are capable of evil-doing now??!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS OUTRAGE???!!!?!!!! Ohh no no, hold on there, because of course the main black Commander blokey he has a big twinge of conscience. Following on from the destruction of Alderaan, he ponders “Are we going to wipe out rebels who have already been made homeless?”. Well er….YES, since those are your fucking ORDERS, man. So caught up in their own wokery are the writers that they’ve already managed to shoot themselves in the foot – saying now, as they are, that basically “black people are shit at carrying out orders”. Of course, you could have just made them black Imperial characters, that act like, well, Imperial characters, and no one would have noticed, but noooooo, you had to try and be ‘clever’ with it, because your woke programming won’t allow you to just follow basic Star Wars lore, no, because “NO BLACK PERSON IS COMPLETELY OUT AND OUT EVIL!!!!!!“. Fucking pathetic when your brain is that addled.

The player character customisation gets no less ridiculous – allowing you to choose a clearly female voice for a male character, and vice versa. IT LOOKS FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Any 12 year old gamer would have spotted this a few years ago and it would have been polished up and killed at the development stage – laughed off as their little Beta stage error. But nooooo, these are silly times. These are the times we need an on the internet.

Anyway, let’s do this!!

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