The end at the beginning…??

Well well well…..

It seems that even under new management, simple jokes are not permitted on New Twitter.

What old Twitter couldn’t handle, and what New Twitter equally needs to learn, is that people like me don’t actually NEED Twitter. Twitter needs US.

No of course I’m not going to fucking delete a JOKE. Grow the fuck up and man up. My ‘appeal’ says:


Remember those…?”

Whether that appeal will be at all successful – I really don’t care. Watching the vile cunts on Twitter losing their safe space to be vile cunts, where they previously had zero repercussions, was fucking hilarious. But ultimately, nothing much really changed. The same shit was trending on repeat, every single week, like a revolving door (except revolving doors are more thrilling to watch than Twitter trends).

So I wait. If I’m unsuccessful, you can fuck right off if you think I’m cowering to the new management just because they’re not woke. That Tweet clearly “targets and harrasses” absolutely no one. And if it’s been deleted, why the fucking hell should I ‘delete’ it again??? To prove you right??? You’re not right – so that’s not going to be happening.

I quite easily weaned myself off Twitter under the dreadful woke management before. It’s not exactly getting any harder after that.

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I'm a gamer. I'm a coaster. I am happy in general. We're all born by chance and we're all gonna die. That makes me no better or worse than you. Get over that fact and we'll probably get along. I comment on the Google news feed a lot. Oh, and I swear quite a lot.

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