THE END (of my spending for 2022)

I finished off with a flash of light – I’ve ordered Fire In The Sky on blu-ray. An incredible film, that was as rare on DVD as it still is on blu-ray. Sadly I’m not sure this one will ever get a 4K release – and that’s a TRAVISty (do you see what I did there).

I normally bawk at being asked over £20 for a single film blu-ray with almost no extras and a standard plastic case. But this film is so special, and also genuinely rare. No big retailer sells it – not even the main online sources (Amazon ignored – they don’t give a fuck about any item they sell and would gladly stock your granny’s kidneys if you wanted to put them up for sale).

The Ebay seller states an estimated delivery of just into 2023. That’s fine by me – it’s free postage from New Zealand!

It will be a great start to the new year.

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