An interesting proposition

Hmmmmmmmm! The new ITVX Premium is a very interesting proposition.

Not only is all the on-demand stuff ad-free (as you would expect) but now it also gives you access to BritBox – a service which in and of itself was a pointless proposition when the Channel 4 Player and ITV Hub had the same content for free.

It’s £59.99 per year with (mostly) no ads. Versus almost £160 per year and rising WITH ads for a TV Licence. You can see the decision making process laid bare….

ITV appear to fully recognise the upheaval of the TV industry and the big difference in how a lot of people, especially the upcoming generations, are now watching TV – and it mostly isn’t live. Their new ITV X Premium offering certainly reflects that recognition, and it’s a very strong proposition – offering as does a tonne of shows made before the cringey wokeness took hold of programme makers. A great deal of shows these days aren’t commissioned because they’re good shows, they’re commissioned after they’ve ticked all the right diversity and inclusivity boxes, and promise to be as safe and medicore as possible. Quite how mediocrity ended up being classed as “entertainment” is a mystery to the best of us.

This might be one Direct Debit per month that IS worth something to me!!

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