Agora…? Angora coat more like

1:43 scale car models are nice.

Ferraris are nice.

Asking me for £99.99 a month for just 4 fucking cars is NOT nice.

This is exactly what the latest Agora Models collection is wanting:

You’re asking £25 PER CAR, and there is no way on earth those cars will be of any better quality than the ones in the DeAgostini American Cars Collection that DeAgostini are asking £56 per month for – for 4 cars, including postage.

I’m not liking this exclusive tier of subscription company at all. They’re handy, I suppose, for taking on some builds, especially the Terminator build, that some people might have missed directly through Hachette, but when you price most model builders out in the first place, how is that a sustainable long term business plan?

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