Samsung Galaxy S23 suddenly looks like a much more appealing Android phone | T3

Oooh it’s possibly Samsung’s “best phone yet” is it. Well what an utterly fucking shocking claim that is.

And look at how desperate they are to big up the leakers, after the shit show of ‘leaks’ of the Zenfone 9 (spoiler alert – there weren’t any accurate leaks at all). They’re not just “sources” now, oh no, they’ve been promoted to “authoritative, reliable sources”.

Let’s be real here, at this thoroughly mediocre stage of the game, there are no genuine Samsung “leaks” – it’s Samsung themselves who are deliberately letting this information out. After all – with all the mind share they’ve paid sites like T3 for, who exactly are they competing with in the Android market?? Exactly. You only bother to genuinely guard your next phone if there’s a chance you’re going to get out sold and out classed. Now of course it’s very easy to outclass Samsung – but that part is pretty irrelevant – it’s nigh on impossible with the level of paid up shills they have now to put sell them.

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